Key Description
YYZZ Business permission
ORG Organization
TYDM Unified Social Credit Code Certificate
BDDM Force Number
JDDWFW License of Paid Service for Military Units
SYDWFR Legal Person Certificate of Institution
WGCZJG Foreign Enterprise Resident Representative Office Registration Certificate
SHTTFR Social Organization Legal Person Registration Certificate
ZJCS Registration Certificate of Religious Place
MBFQY Registration Certificate for Private Non-Enterprise Unit
JJHFR Foundation Legal Person Registration Certificate
LSZY Practice License of Law Firm
WGZHWH Registration Certificate of Foreign Cultural Centers in China
WLCZJG Registration Certificate of Permanent Representative Office of Tourism Department of Foreign Government
SFJD Forensic Identification License
JWJG Certificates of Overseas Institution
SHFWJG Registration Certificate of Social Service Institution
MBXXBX Permits for Running Private School
YLJGZY Practice License of Medical Institution
GZJGZY Practice Certificate of Notary Institution
BJWSXX Permits for Running School for Children of Foreign Embassy Staff in Beijing
QTTYDM Other certificates with Unified Social Credit Code
QT Other