What are domain folders?

Domain folders are virtual folders associated with your domain names that help you categorize and organize your domains. Using folders, you can stay organized and make certain changes to many domains at once. You could for example create a folder for your personal domains, and one for your business domains.

If you have multiple clients, you can create a different folder for each of your client's domains. You can create one folder for the domains you plan to renew, and another for those you will let expire. Then, you can easily renew all domains in one folder at once or push them to another account.

If you do not specify a folder during the registration of a domain, the domain will automatically be put into your account's Default Registration Folder; if no default is set, the domain will automatically be put into the root folder. Please have a look at the section folders of our online manual for more specific information on how to manage your folds through the API.